The Alternative Press Tour

I sent in an email for a small contest AP was having where they would choose one photographer from each date of the AP Tour and I ended up getting selected for the San Antonio date (probably because I was the only one from SA who actually sent in an email). 

As always, I was running late. What’s new? I was able to catch the last song of Set It Off’s set so I didn’t come out with that many photos. Wish I could’ve caught their whole set due to the fact that they’re so energetic on stage.

Up next was This Wild Life, I had heard a lot of the group these past few months but never got the chance to check them out or listen to them. Overall, their set was calm, not my taste.

I usually make Spotify playlists with artists I’ve never heard of and then just shuffle them in the car on my way to school. Real Friends was one of those bands who just happened to make it on my playlist and I ended up falling in love with them. They came to Austin a few weeks before this show but I didn’t end up taking the trip because I didn’t hear back from their press contact. 

Ah, finally on the bill was Mayday Parade. It had been a long while since Mayday Parade had been in front of my camera. The first time I saw them was back on the Spring Fever Tour when they opened up for Pierce the Veil. I had the chance to photograph them when they were in town with Man Overboard on the Glamour Kills tour but decided to leave early. Their lighting on this tour was some of the best I’ve seen, really hard to work with but I ended up with some great photos.