Oh man, I had been looking forward to shooting this tour since the day it had been announced. I didn't get confirmation to shoot till about two days before, it had me feeling very anxious. This was my second time shooting Fall Out Boy and first time having PVRIS in front of my camera. It would have been my third time, but things don't always happen the way I want them to. First time I was supposed to shoot PVRIS was on the World Tour with Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens, but they had gotten my passed mixed up so it wasn't at Will Call. Instead, I had to sit in pain and listen to PVRIS from inside of the venue since the show was outside. Second time around was this past year's Warped Tour, I had a Vendor wristband since I was working for Substream Magazine that day  and was getting into the pits without a problem until AT&T Center security wouldn't let me into the pit without a Press wristband. Third time is always a charm, check out the photos below.

The first time I saw Fall Out Boy was on the Monumentour with Paramore, I shot their first three songs and left shortly after that to drive back to San Antonio to attend a friend's party. Long story short: I just should've stayed for their whole set considering how boring that party was. I didn't get the shot I was looking to get but I still got some pretty solid shots. Fall Out Boy's fan base has undergone some major changes, all I saw at the show was a bunch of tweens.