Top 10 x 2016

Two thousand and sixteen. I attended 28 shows this year although I’m pretty sure I’m forgot to list like two or three shows because I forget almost everything. From having Blink-182 in front of my camera to a small upcoming band called Firestarter, I was able to grow more than ever in my work, felt so inspired (and uninspired at times), slowly growing my new outlet Black Noise US and met some damn good people all in the process. This year, I've occupied myself with other ventures such as remodeling a home and finishing what was left to build of a house (adulting, right?). I am so ready for 2017. Here are my top 10 photos of 2016:

No. 10

Sky Accord x ISSUES

After a busy day of a 5 hour drive from Dallas, I was eager to make Issues’ set back home in San Antonio. This was also one of my first time getting to test out my new Sigma 35mm Art Series lens and walking out of the Aztec Theatre with the images from this night surely made me fall in love with the lens. It’s only left my camera about twice since then.



No. 9

Matt LaPerche x Firestarter

I was invited out to small show out at the Korova, I usually don’t take people up on offers on small shows, but I thought to myself “What else am I going to do with my Wednesday night?” I almost always go to shows by myself so it was pretty awkward at such a small basement show since there were only like 15 people in attendance. Firestarter’s made me realize all of the hard work these small touring bands put in on a daily basis, doing everything themselves, selling CDs and the huge commitment they make when they decide to pack everything up in a van and tour the country. Matt came out to thank me while I was waiting to take some photos of the boys in Capstan, never had I ever been thanked for going out and snapping a few pics, hopeful to get Firestarter in front of my camera more than once in 2017.



No. 8

Joe Taylor x Knuckle Puck

I love Knuckle Puck. I can’t recall whether or not this was my first time shooting Knuckle Puck. I don’t even remember going to this show, but I do know that I took this picture and I like it. I honestly believe this was taken in 2015 but my computer says 2016 so…



No. 7

Spencer Chamberlain x Underoath

Seeing Underoath on the Rebirth Tour this year was so surreal. I was stuck in a creative rut this time of year and nothing better to shoot a band that played a significant role when I first fell in love with music.



No. 6


Brandon Hoover x Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire was my last official show of the year. I finally mastered how to save those ugly red photos and found a new editing style in the process.



No. 5

William Ryan Key x Yellowcard

Taken on Yellowcard’s last tour. Ever. I didn’t stay till the end of the night and I regret it every time they pop up on my social media. I was only able to photograph them three times (on the MMF tour w/ Emarosa, 2016 Warped, and this last tour) #Sad.



No. 4

Jaime Preciado x Pierce The Veil

Hime Time. If you ever went to school with me you probably overheard my talking about how much I love Pierce the Veil. I still love them till this day, probably till the day I die. I've seen Pierce the Veil many times, shot them a few times but was never content with the photos I walked away with. This isn't the instance when I walked to the side of the photo pit after the first three songs. Jaime is always really energetic and jumping around everywhere. I was finally able to capture the energy in a single photo with what I think is a the perfect amount of motion blur in all the right places.



No. 3

Jeremy McKinnon x A Day To Remember

Blink 182 + A Day To Remember. AT&T Center. Home arena of the San Antonio Spurs. Let me tell you how blown away I was at shooting this show. It was my first time walking the floor at the AT&T Center, being escorted and passing up the Spurs locker room. So amazing. (Simply because I am a huge Spurs fan.) I saw A Day To Remember back on the Game Changers Tour and then the House Party Tour, two shows I will never forget because of the amount of fun I had. I passed up the opportunity to shoot them on the House Party Tour and I regret it every time I see this photo or any live photo of ADTR. I could probably shoot ADTR every day and not get bored. 



No. 2 

Bradley Walden x Emarosa

One word: passion. Bradley puts everything into every word he sings into the microphone and that's evident in my photos and other photographer's photos from any Emarosa show. 



No. 1

Kellin Quinn x Sleeping With Sirens

Not surprising that this is my top favorite photo of the year, huh? When the End The Madness! Tour was announced I checked out the tour routing and it fell the same week as my short thanksgiving break and they were in San Antonio the day before Thanksgiving. Perfect timing. I grabbed my phone and made some plans with my cousin to travel to Dallas and then back to San Antonio to shoot two dates of the tour. There I was driving on I-35 towards Dallas thinking to myself "what the hell am I doing?" Well, now that I think of it, I don't regret it one bit. I'm not a big fan of Dallas, TX but I am a big fan of the performances that Sleeping With Sirens puts out every time I see them live. I saw them two nights in a row and I think San Antonio does it better than any other city in Texas. I have never seen Alamo City Music Hall so lit up with smiles nor have I ever heard such a loud crowd. The show was definitely smaller than the Dallas one but way louder. Sleeping With Sirens is one of those bands that I could literally photograph night after night and not get tired. At last, I'd like to thank Nick from SWS for those two nights, they're experiences and memories I will never forget. Last year in March, I considered putting down the camera for good but shows like these are what keep me going to concerts and taking pictures. I honestly don't care if I'm compensated for the time and hard work I put into all of these photos, it's all worth it to me in the end. Nothing compares. 




February 29                 Mayday Parade and Real Friends

March 17                       Blessthefall

March 18                       The Word Alive and The Devil Wears Prada

March 20                     Saosin

March 20                     Wintour ft. Fall Out Boy and PVRIS

March 23                     The Rebirth Tour ft. Underoath

March 26                      The Outbreak Tour ft. ISSUES and One OK Rock

May 5                           The 1975

May 29                         River City Rock Fest

June 21                         Letlive.

June 25                        Warped Tour

July 6                           The Emotional Roadshow ft. Twenty One Pilots

July 30                         Blink 182 ft. A Day To Remember and All-American Rejects

August 17                     Firestarter + Capstan

September 17              Tegan and Sara

September 28             Stick To Your Guns

October 6                    Yellowcard

October 8                    I The Mighty

October 12                  Pierce the Veil

October 16                  Parkway Drive + We Came As Romans

October 17                  Beartooth

October 29                 Memphis May Fire + TDWP  

November 12               The Wonder Years + Real Friends + Knuckle Puck

November 19              Grouplove + MUNA

November 22             Sleeping With Sirens (Dallas)

November 23             Sleeping With Sirens (San Antonio)

November 27             Escape the Fate

December 3               Crown the Empire + Blessthefall